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Monday, December 23, 2013

It Is Time For Other Countries To Tell Saudi Arabia To End Repressions

Updated on 25 - 08 - 2014.

Sentenced to 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison!

Stop implementing the court decision!!

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Original post as background information:

It is reported that Raef Badawi, an Arabian blogger has been recommended to be tried before a high court on charge of apostasy. If proved guilty by the obsolete judicial system, such accused persons are liable to be executed. Blasphemy carries death penalty under their interpretation of Sharia law.

The report

In spite of repeated requests, entreaties and invitations of attention to actual facts by individuals, groups and organizations who have deep concern for human rights, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is reluctant to heed. Crimes decided by their laws fit only for a bygone tribal society as also equally cruel methods of punishment have made Saudi Arabia an anachronism. It is high time that other countries in the world wake up and see where the  inactivity by so called democratic countries are leading the global democratic yearnings of the modern world. International fora like the United Nations will become useless if the situation is permitted to continue like this. You are invited to a  CNN report :

Rights group: Saudi activists calling for change face harassment, jail


 Please also see the                                                                                                  

'Press briefing notes on Central African Republic, Egypt and Saudi Arabia' 

 by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

All the gains of modernity are being effaced by sweeping tides of irrationality. Can we complacently let a different dark age reign ? 

  For more background information on Saudi abuse of human rights :



1.   Release Hamza Kashgari


2.  Steadfast in pursuing a freer Saudi Arabia


 Let there be light!

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