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Friday, August 2, 2013

A Stepping Stone To Secularism In BanglaDesh

Bangladesh High Court Strikes Down Jamaat-e-Islami's Electoral Registration 

We applaud the landmark ruling by the three member 

high court panel. August 1, 2013 has become  a very 

important day to remember for all activists in BanglaDesh 

who yearn for a Secular BanglaDesh. Not knowing the 

real nature (1.a,b) of this Islamo-fascist dragon, the people 

of BanglaDesh have suffered much. 

This is only a stepping stone. This particular Islamist party 

(Jama at e Islami) is adept at playing all types of political 

gimmicks and fraudulent strategies and tactics. One 

probable step is their infiltration in to other Salafist 

organizations which are not under ban. There is a potential 

danger of these virile elements succeeding in heating up 

extremist Jihadi enthusiasm among the devout youth 

creating theological bridges. Perhaps JI's literary arsenal 

already has enough of such popular guide books which are 

actually exercises in misguiding and criminal 

misinterpretations. It is up to the executives in the Police 

Department to confiscate such stuff and prevent 

propagation of Jihadi incitement materials in 

the country. We hope that the secular activists in Bangla 

Desh will be cautious and realize the fact that Islamic holy 

books including the Qur'aan have inflammable contents. 

While Rationalists, Humanists and Atheists point out such 

bitter truths some people are seen labeling us with 

Islamophobia crying out loud pointing accusing fingers 

unnecessarily as if they are hurt. It is of no use accusing 

critics of Islam. If these apologists want peace and 

harmony,they are to confront the Jehadi extremists and not 

Secular Humanists. We would like to forewarn the ruling 

parties in BanglaDesh against persecuting the genuine 

secularists. It is their bounden duty to assure that freedoms 

of conscience and expression are safe guarded in the case 

of Rationalists, Humanists and Atheists. No amount 

of misinterpretation by political ignoramuses,whose eyes are 

on vote banks only, can alter the fact that these secular 

activists are the lighthouses in the grim darkness of cultural 

dogmatism  bound to prevail in a country dominated 

by blind faith and superstitions.

We congratulate the peace loving people of BanglaDesh in 

having been granted the opportunity of legal support in their 

march to freedom and prosperity. Cheers!!